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To obtain a rough quote please follow the steps below, kindly limiting your selections to one option at a time. If you would like different product styles and/or material options priced out, please start a new "Get a Quote" request, so we can provide you with unique quotes for each individual option.

If you require assistance with this process, please feel free to contact us at 519-823-1923.

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Customize your Quote

Select the products you are interested in receiving a quote for by clicking the links below. To add to your quote, select the following for each desired product:

  • Product Type: (i.e. Estate)
  • Dimension: (i.e.3.5")
  • Material: (i.e. Red Oak)
  • Quantity: (i.e. 1)
  • Length: (i.e. 48")

Once you're happy with the items in your quote, click "Process Quote" to proceed to the next step.